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  1. Fran

From the recording COOL FAME

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LOL / Fuck your selfie / yo bitch / find your fun
Never getting nowhere, no matter how far they come
This whole generation of good intentions
And the who pays who for paying whom attention

Should anybody ask she’ll say her name is Fran
Cause it does just as good as any name can

Stuck in a beauty parlour from nine to five
She would have quit long ago if not for the child
One thing at least about never making it
There is a limit on how much ass you have to kiss

She sees the traffic lights that are changing
They seem to tell her something she needs to know
She might leave the city before it’s too late
She could not even name what makes her so afraid of being but a fake

It’s always been the same song that makes her cry
It goes goodbye baby, baby goodbye
She’s got a number no matter what she won’t call
She wants everything or will have nothing at al