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  1. Eviction Notice

From the recording COOL FAME

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Baby, kick off your shoes
And dance like you got nothing to lose
I got this feeling
I got this feeling
About you

Move with the sound
Let it turn you inside out
Let it shake you
And let it make you
Rock and roll

We know that we can’t win
But it still feels worth fighting for
Cause at first they want it all
And then they need more
But we have been here before

This city
We built it up
It has given up on us
We can’t afford to live here
No more

They got the money
They got the means
But they don’t know how it feels
When we shake it
And when we make it
Rock and roll

We know that we can’t stay
Cause they don’t want us here no more
But tonight we say farewell and we won’t leave
Before they kick in that door
And we’ll be dragged across the floor
It feels worth fighting for
We have been here before

Maybe we are born to lose
And maybe it ain’t no use
To keep on trying
To keep on fighting
Like we do

But we don’t need
What they want us to
We’re free to choose
And I say we gonna make it
We gonna make it
On our own