Welcome: Port Noo! 

Hey Folks, 

Happy New Year! 
Let’s start 2017 with some good news! 

We´re releasing a really wonderful record by an old friend of us, Hannah, who now has a band called Port Noo. 
We met Hannah in Munich a few years ago, when she was supporting one of our shows with her former Munich-based band Dear Henry Bliss. Since then we kind of kept contact and when we were in Munich last year we naturally asked her to support us again. Hannah had meanwhile moved to Berlin but nevertheless did this show with us. Hanging around backstage she told us of a record she had just finished and we offered to meet up in Berlin and see if we could help her with bringing it out on her own. When we met, she told us of her efforts with various labels and the way she was treated and what she has been offered from them. Some of the proposals were actually pretty disgusting and almost too hard to believe. The offers that were made to her for releasing the album were, to say the least, unethical. 
After a nice talk and some cookies (well yeah, we are not immune to that) Hannah left that day and also left us a listening copy of "In the middle of everything". 
To cut a long story short I will just say that we called her that same day to say that we would very much like to release her album if she wanted us to. 
We are world famous for devastating decisions in show-biz (Hannah is pretty far into a pregnancy and will thus be unable to perform more than a couple shows this year) but we do believe that a good record is a good record! And let us tell you: this one is! 

„In The Middle Of Everything“ is a warm, heartfelt and very personal, somehow dark in sound but still light in approach record, with 12 songs that make it easy to hum along at first, but soon to be sung by heart to release some of your everyday pressure and help escape into a parralel world that is held together by Hannah’s simply beautiful, dark voice. Port Noo tells stories like we were a diary rather than an audience, opening up about the mixed emotions behind decision-making in the city, carried by an at times almost traditional sounding band of drums, bass, piano, horns and guitars that’s got something of a fur coat, wrapped around the utter nakedness of a girl lost in the vast, moss green, irish wilderness of thought. 

The album was produced by Paul Pilot (Sea & Air, Duke Special) and recorded in collaboration with musicians such as drummer Tom Osander (Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan), composer and multi instrumentalist Brian Crosby (BellX1, The Cake Sale), arranger, saxophone, clarinet and flute player Ben Castle (Duke Special, Jamie Cullum, Radiohead) and singer/songwriter Francesco Wilking (Die Höchste Eisenbahn) 
It will be out on February 10th. 

We hope you enjoy!

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