Four Stars for "Fore!"-Rolling Stone


After their last work ("Cool Fame", 2016) and the liaison with Random Willson („Brother Equal“, 2017) yet another fantastic release by Brokof: This time, the Berlin four-piece is shaping a more distorted and less romantic version of their Folk-Rock (for example with the driving "You and I"), at the same time everything sways wonderfully, disregarding the outcome; the small form beats the large gesture, Jeff Tweedy style. 
Again, one can hear how well Brokof play together, allowing the arrangements to breathe, instead of pinning them to the ground. 
There's "Cabin" a beautiful Wilco-sigh, the snotty smasher "A Ride" or the John Lennon song "Don't Give Up On Me Now" and "The World At Her Feet" venturing far and tripping with synths and psychedelic sounds.




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