The idea behind the GOLDRAUSCH SESSIONS is less that of a concert being recorded, but rather to create a recording situation with the participation of the audience. Thus the audience becomes a vital part of the recording. The first Session (GOLDRAUSCH SESSION VOL 1) took place on july 26, 2017 with Bob Rutman and his band. We have known and valued Bobs work for a very long time.

The sessions take place in our own Popschutz Studio in Berlin.

Previous events

GOLDRAUSCH SESSIONS (vol.2): Ponyhof & Primitive Heart

Popschutz Studio, Wiesenweg 5-9, 10365 Berlin

We know Carrie Erving from back in the days, when our own Band Brokof played three berlin gigs a weekday night and the internet was called Myspace. Our paths crossed many times, we played memorable shows together. Although she relocated to Brooklyn we stayed in touch. Thus, we´re very happy to announce that by lucky chance and circumstance, our Goldrausch Session Vol. 2 will be host to Ponyhof and Primitive Heart, Carrie Ervings friend and colleague Dani Mari. Drawing comparisons to Björk, Sinead O'Connor and St. Vincent, Ponyhof's debut album "Empires" was written and produced by Erving, co-produced by cellist Chris Loxley, mixed by former DFA producer Eric Broucek (LCD Soundsystem) and features guest vocals by Will Butler of Arcade Fire. Ponyhof's second album will be released in early 2018.


Märchenhütte im Monbijoupark, Monbijoustraße 3, Berlin

We decided to introduce you to our BROTHER EQUAL LP in a place out of the ordinary, a 100 year old polish log cabin by the river in Monbijoupark, Berlin. There will be songs, a fireplace, a bar, special guests and whatever you bring along.