"Fore!" out oct 19 

“Folks, we made a new record! In Berlin, in our studio, with great help from no-one, the album is called Fore! and is, naturally, our best. The first single is called „A Ride”! We think it’s pretty-hot. The second single off the album will be „Part of The New Age”. We recorded this song somewhere in Russia, back in the original Eighties and think it’s just as brilliant as the first one. Heck, it feels like we just finished our first album! We all know of course that music doesn’t have the same impact on society it had back in the 60s or 90s. For many a people an unchanging “boom boom” in the background suffices. But we also know about other people, who simply need a bit more than that. The passionate, the non-established kind, the kind that respects one another, with an urging dedication to life. Let’s set a counterpoint, against this ever-present discord, a sense of togetherness, like a spanner in the works of these fuzzy times.”

cheers, BROKOF

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